Our member firm’s partners personally take care of their clients and see themselves as long-term companions, thus getting an extensive overview of the individual situation.

Partners focus on their client’s interests and ensure quality consistency, staff continuity and close relationship between themselves and their most important contact: You.


The superior quality of our member’s services resides in their engagement both in the HLB Germany and HLB International networks, ensuring quality of service whether their clients are active in Germany only or internationally as well.

In order to achieve this, we have imagined various methods, which can be implemented in German offices, at HLB Germany or HLB International level.

Thus for instance:

  • Frequent common peer reviews
  • Frequent participation in office reviews
  • Exchange of 'best practices' in the network, use of a common 'organisation manual'
  • Exhange of experience within working teams
  • Common meetings in the international network
  • Internally training program for partners and employees
  • Access to worldwide expert know-how