HLB in Germany


How we work

Professional. Experienced. Committed. The german HLB Administrative Board comprises two Managing Directors and three additional Board Members who are selected regularly from the partners of our member companies. Furthermore, the HLB Central Secretariat combines all of the network tasks and serves as a connecting link between the national and international companies. Coordinating joint activities, organising conferences and seminars through the HLB Academy and controlling internal working groups: All of these different aspects come together in the Central Secretariat.

Our Administrative Board

Our working groups

Whether it is international reforms, or developments within Germany, some subjects affect our industry just as much as they affect the clients of our member companies. Different working groups and specialist groups, from EU reforms to internal network personnel or marketing issues, aim to provide specialist support, evaluate and better implement important subjects. All workshops and working groups are managed by partners of our member companies. Future-oriented. Forward-looking. Creative.