France goes green as companies embrace eco-innovation

Laurent Capbern, HLB Global Compliance & Accounting Services Leader

For many years, French companies have faced social, political and economic demand to reduce the impact of their supply chains on the environment. When considering the impact of supply chains, different measures of ‘green logistics’ can be optimised:

  • Structures and planning
  • Route optimisation – effect route-planning (avoiding unnecessary detours, for example) can reduce ‘carbon footprint’
  • Corporate networks connected by logistics services
  • Providing sophisticated IT support

For example, a new project called Paris Air2 Logistics is in construction at the heart of the river port of Gennevilliers, just outside Paris. This future base for the delivery of goods to the French capital using electric vehicles will boast the latest in eco-friendly design.

Moreover, following a call launched by the City of Paris for sustainable urban logistics projects, 22 projects will be soon initiated with the primary objective of optimizing the space with respect for the environment.

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