Current Lünendonk List: The HLB network in a top position

19 Juli 2021

Much elation at HLB Germany: The global audit, tax an advisory network based in Düsseldorf ranks third in the current Lünendonk® List of 2021. The total turnover of HLB Germany was 215 million euros. The network employs around 1900 people.

The Lünendonk® List is published as part of an annual study of the leading tax firms and auditors in Germany. Placement in the ranking is determined based on revenue. The list is made up of independently organised companies, networks and alliances as well as specialist firms.

“We are very proud of our position. We are a strong network that has shown how powerful it is — particularly during the pandemic”, emphasises Magnus v. Buchwaldt, managing director and chairman of HLB Germany. This success is the result of hard and trusting work for many national and international clients. Against the backdrop of the constantly changing requirements of the German federal government regarding Coronavirus aid, for example, this was a great challenge.

The fact that many companies in the network had already invested in digitisation before the pandemic paid off. In addition to making our contact with clients even more professional, this also allowed us to continue working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. “We were able to switch to working from home immediately”. Digital events such as seminars and conferences were carried out across Germany. We are optimistic that in-person meetings will be possible again in the coming months.

In order for this positive development at HLB Germany to continue, it is necessary, among other things, to put even more focus on recruitment. Buchwaldt: “This is a problem in many industries. Unfortunately, the shortage of skilled workers has a significant impact on us”. Extremely demanding exams and tests are a major hurdle for many young people who are considering starting a career as a tax consultant or auditor. To make up for this, you have to advertise the profession more and continue to be present on social media.

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