Salute! DiVino Management introduces itself to Verona


DiVino Management – a network of skilled professionals serving the wine sector - introduced itself to Verona with a successful conference titled ‘For a winemaking business that aims at excellence’. The conference took place on the 1st  March, at the city’s Vecomp Academy.

“[Verona] is a cradle of winemaking businesses of enormous success which are not, however, always adequately sized and structured when they have to deal with competitors on international markets. [In addition] the tax scenario is complex and access to credit is not always fast and sure” said Luca Castagnetti, founder of Studio Impresa.

Other speakers included his colleague Luigi Scappini; Davide Gaeta, professor of winemaking economics at the University of Verona and Massimo Marietta, an IT systems expert.

The event was organized by Cueim, the University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics; Studio Impresa and Vecomp, in conjunction with Sistemi Professione Informatica of Turin. The convention brought together a pool of experts to offer advice to businesses in the winemaking sector.

“To keep growing and creating value…wine businesses have to rely upon experts” said Castagnetti, explaining that the reasons behind the foundation of DiVino.

DiVino’s membership includes professionals in many sectors - from tax specialists to web data analysts. The network aims to provide wine businesses with the help they need to progress and succeed. 

As Castagnetti states: “The experiment starts in Verona, but the intention is to extend it to all of Italy”.   

Author: Luca Castagnetti, HLB Italy, Parter at Studio Impresa

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