HLB Communities – Together for a Good Cause!

11 October 2020

During the #HLBCommunities Day on 9 October, the German HLB network once again worked on a variety of social projects. “It was particularly important for us to participate this year, which has been marked by the Coronavirus crisis. With sufficient social distancing, we can still support great projects together", declared the general secretary of HLB Germany, Malo Kröning.

Employees of the HLB members in Bielefeld, Gießen, Koblenz, Leipzig and Münster showed a great deal of commitment for their projects on this day. Mädchenhaus Bielefeld e.V., Familienzentrum für krebskranke Kinder e.V., the #RettetKoblenzerKultur initiative, and the Mittelrhein Musikfestival were supported with material and monetary donations.

It was a great concern of the Koblenz colleagues of Dr. Dienst & Partner to support the cultural scene that was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. "Art and culture lie close to our hearts — which is why we are providing financial support to Koblenz artists and institutions this year", states Dr. Julia Schneider and Dr. Johannes Hamsch.

Westprüfung Emde was able to fulfil small wishes of the family centre's current residents with surprise personal donations. "We're pleased that we were able to make a small contribution to the families affected in this difficult time with the HLB Community Day and our gifts", added Erik Spielmann and Axel Becker.

From 5-8 October, HLB Stückmann called on the entire workforce and their families to support Mädchenhaus Bielefeld e.V. with donations in kind. Useful household items were collected for the girls' house during the fundraising campaign. The law firm also provided the social institution with hygiene products such as bath towels.

At HLB Schumacher in Leipzig and Münster, the DKMS were supported both with monetary donations and registrations for bone marrow donation.

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