Strong network creates resources and secures expertise

10. Juli 2023

Across all sectors, there is a clear future trend towards broad-based networking, especially in tax, legal and management consultancy. For HLB, the third largest network in Germany with 25 independent tax consulting and auditing firms and more than 2,600 employees, the main advantages lie in sharing specific expertise and common resources. The current Juve analysis of the overall German tax market shows that this strategy is successful: Several HLB member firms in all regions of Germany as well as leading specialist advisors in specific subject areas are among the best in the ranking.

Secretary General Malo Kröning emphasises: "This ranking by Juve, the leading information service in the tax sector, once again confirms the high quality of advice that the HLB network stands for both nationally and internationally. We share specialised knowledge, organise ourselves in various joint specialist groups on current topics and mutually benefit from professional exchange."

The Düsseldorf-based company Ganteführer is listed as an expert in the field of NGOs and foundations, the Bielefeld law firm HLB

Stückmann in the areas of corporate tax and transfer pricing and the law firm Kullen Müller Zinser from Sindelfingen in criminal tax law. Six of the consultants identified as special experts in the Juve analysis also come from the HLB network. In addition, several member law firms are represented in the ranking by region:

North: LW.P Lüders Warneboldt (Hanover) and Schomerus (Hamburg)
East: HLB Schumacher (Leipzig/Münster)
West: Ganteführer (Düsseldorf)
Centre: DDP Gruppe (Koblenz)
South: HLB Hussmann (Nuremberg) and LKC (Grünwald near Munich)

The fact that several HLB law firms are holding their own alongside the "big players" in the industry makes him satisfied and shows that the network concept is on a forward-looking path, says Kröning. After all, the old adage "Together we are strong" applies here once again. He also refers to the staff shortage that many law firms are currently struggling with and which is a major burden in many places, especially in smaller companies. By sharing personnel and structural resources, the companies organised in the network successfully counter the shortage of specialists in their sector and have the entire expertise of their specialist colleagues at their disposal, including for special client cases.

Kröning answers the question of whether an effective network leads to stronger individual law firms or whether strong law firms form a successful network with: "It will probably be a mixture of both. The member firms, some of which are quite large and have very specialised expertise, share their resources with their colleagues in the network, but of course also benefit from the immense know-how of our international network." One thing is clear: Networks are the way of the future for

many companies. In view of the rapid developments in tax, law and business - due to numerous international and national legislations and reforms - individual law firms without a network background run the risk of being left behind.

About HLB 

HLB is a global network of independent accounting and tax advisory firms in over 150 countries with  over 30 .000 employees. In Germany, 25 member companies with 280 partners and over 2.600 experts advise decision-makers and companies of all sizes and from all sectors. With a turnover of over 300 billion euros, HLB is one of the top 3 networks operating in Germany. Further information at